About us

Businessy was founded by Łukasz Sudyka, a professional with over 15 years of experience in English language instruction, as well as broader educational and business fields. Established in 2016, Businessy was created from a need to service a substantial corporate client. We commenced full-throttle, taking almost 100 employees under our guidance from the outset. Our success in this endeavor is demonstrated by our ongoing cooperation with these initial clients.

Over time, we’ve evolved our tools and approach. All our classes are now conducted online, with a unique teaching methodology that has been meticulously refined over the years to ensure it’s comfortable, engaging, and most importantly, effective. Our clients are provided with language managers who often have a foundational understanding of the client’s industry. This understanding facilitates both the building of relationships and the application of acquired knowledge.

During our collaboration with Elhurt and Sneakerstudio, we identified a significant niche: professionals seeking a personalized approach to learning English, with the aim of expanding their international business horizons. We’ve defined our mission accordingly: to support individuals, often in high-ranking positions across a range of industries, in improving their business English skills. In the ensuing years, news of our innovative language knowledge management methods has spread, thereby extending our influence and expertise. Today, with a robust team of language managers, we stand ready to further transform English language learning.

Our language managers are individuals who bring together a passion for language and extensive knowledge across various industries. We uniquely pair clients and language managers based on a detailed needs analysis, ensuring a match that considers not only the anticipated outcomes but also the individual characteristics of both parties and the industry in which the client operates. This unique methodology is a cornerstone of our approach, as we believe it is critical to ensuring our clients feel comfortable while improving their language skills. The objective is for sessions with Businessy to be not only effective, but also genuinely enjoyable.

In addition to our founder Łukasz Sudyka, who continues to actively train and meet with clients,

our dynamic team includes: