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You can be in the right place, at the right time, and meet the right people, but if you're not prepared, your "luck" won't serve you well. In 2019, I was in that situation. I couldn't seize the opportunities before me because I simply lacked proficiency in English, a subject I struggled with throughout my education and which deterred me from participating in Erasmus. However, 2019 was a transformative year. After returning from China, having met a global entrepreneur...

Our English course is a form of appreciation and an investment in our employees' potential development. The Businessy company has successfully worked with employees at every professional level, from office staff, customer service, to the management team. The practical approach to language learning is essential from an owner's perspective. The knowledge acquired by employees is utilized and implemented...

The initiative to improve the English language skills of the Poviat Starosty employees in Myślenice was undertaken to enhance our communication quality with European regions we partner with. The training led by Mr. Łukasz Sudyka followed an individual audit and evaluation of each participant's language skills, which allowed for optimal language competence development...

Learning English with Mr. Łukasz Sudyka restored my faith in language courses. After numerous failed attempts, from group to individual lessons, both in-person and online, I started lessons at Businessy with cautious optimism. After a few lessons, I knew this was different. Classes are engaging, learning is enjoyable, and the topics discussed...

 I needed to improve my communication with our European partners at Pcim, with whom we implemented EU program projects. The individual meetings, thanks to their unconventional methods, were effective, interesting, and made achieving my goals easier than expected.

My primary expectation from learning with Businessy and Mr. Łukasz was to improve my pronunciation and expand my business vocabulary. I was pleasantly surprised by how engaging, motivating, and developmental our video meetings were, and how quickly I absorbed our lessons. Managing English under such a mentor has truly been a pleasure.