Methodology and tools


This step involves a ‘live’ or virtual meeting where we understand customer expectations and needs and realistically assess current language abilities.

Knowledge Management Plan

We focus solely on what the client truly needs and implement a language management plan that delivers tangible, measurable results swiftly.

Selection of Dedicated Language Managers

We carefully choose our staff, matching them to clients not just based on their industry, but also on personality and character.

Consulting and Assistance

Besides online meetings, our language managers are readily available to clients for quick language consulting or support when needed.


We regularly verify the outcomes of our collaborative efforts and flexibly manage the action plan to optimize the use of resources and time devoted to learning.

Session Duration: 55 minutes

Maximum Number of Participants: 3 individuals + language manager

Flexible Session Schedule: Tailored to participants’ availability

No Homework or Need for Individual Work

Optimization of Time Utilization


Google Meet


Google Calendar