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You can be in the right place, at the right time, and meet the right people, but if you’re not prepared, your “luck” won’t serve you well. In 2019, I was in that situation. I couldn’t seize the opportunities before me because I simply lacked proficiency in English, a subject I struggled with throughout my education and which deterred me from participating in Erasmus. However, 2019 was a transformative year. After returning from China, having met a global entrepreneur, I decided I wanted to work in an international environment. My company started importing from China, building our own brand. I knew this was my opportunity to master English, with the only way forward being daily immersion in the language. With the extraordinary help of my teacher, Łukasz Sudyka, I managed to overcome what years of education couldn’t help me with. Not only did I break my language barrier, but I also acquired invaluable tools for remote team collaboration. These two years of learning have been the most significant development in my career. Today, as I write this, returning from a business trip in China, I interact with people I couldn’t have imagined meeting three years ago. I travel monthly, meeting individuals worldwide who open new doors for me. I can confidently say that “luck” serves little if you’re not prepared. A minor shift, a decision to start and maintain consistency, can lead to vast changes.

Joanna Panuś – Shareholder at EDO / Epstryk / Elhurt

The initiative to improve the English language skills of the Poviat Starosty employees in Myślenice was undertaken to enhance our communication quality with European regions we partner with. The training led by Mr. Łukasz Sudyka followed an individual audit and evaluation of each participant’s language skills, which allowed for optimal language competence development. Mr. Sudyka, an experienced teacher with extensive language knowledge, understands each participant’s unique needs. His professional approach and modern teaching methods helped us achieve our goals swiftly.

Józef Tomal – Starost of Myślenice

Our English course is a form of appreciation and an investment in our employees’ potential development. The Businessy company has successfully worked with employees at every professional level, from office staff, customer service, to the management team. The practical approach to language learning is essential from an owner’s perspective. The knowledge acquired by employees is utilized and implemented, and their language base has audibly expanded. I recommend Businessy’s English language management as not only an added benefit but also a permanent aspect of enhancing company qualifications.

Marcin Wysocki – CEO of Polplast Polska

My English learning journey with Mr. Łukasz Sudyka was not only tailored to my time availability but also catered to my specific business needs. I needed to improve my communication with our European partners at Pcim, with whom we implemented EU program projects. The individual meetings, thanks to their unconventional methods, were effective, interesting, and made achieving my goals easier than expected.

Piotr Hajduk – Mayor of the Pcim commune

Our partnership with Mr. Łukasz and Businessy initially kicked off through specialized English courses designed for our team of architects and project managers. A total of 26 team members participated in online sessions to refine their language skills, and the impact of this collaborative effort is evident in all aspects of our work, particularly in the execution of international projects. Thanks to these courses, our staff now engage with foreign clients with a newfound confidence, manage projects seamlessly, and hold fluent conversations with experts in the field. Importantly, Businessy also handled the logistics of funding these courses through the Development Services Database, guiding us through all the necessary formalities to secure external financing. We are excited to continue elevating our language skills as our productive collaboration with Businessy persists.

Michał Górski – CEO of Schwitzke Górski

Studying English with Mr. Łukasz Sudyka completely rejuvenated my belief in the value of language courses! I’ve tried numerous methods before—group classes, one-on-one sessions, in-person and online courses—you name it. But the story was always the same: my initial enthusiasm would wane, my motivation would falter, and measurable progress remained elusive. I’d inevitably end up right back where I started, still searching for a better way to learn.

So, I entered my first sessions with Businessy with somewhat tempered expectations. However, just a few classes in, it became abundantly clear that I had moved into a different league altogether! Time flies in these sessions, and learning has become a sheer joy. The topics covered are precisely tailored to align with my professional field, transforming each lesson into a compelling conversation full of insights, opinion exchanges, and shared experiences.

The icing on the cake is Mr. Łukasz’s contagious enthusiasm, commitment, and unique sense of humor. These elements collectively turn each “course” into something more akin to an invigorating conversational journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Businessy to anyone in search of a professional yet deeply engaging learning experience!

Magdalena Czaczkowska – COO / Head of Strategy & Communication at Omnisense

Studying with Łukasz isn’t your typical textbook-driven experience. While lessons come with a structured plan, they are individually tailored to meet specific needs and can be adapted on-the-fly for optimized results. This unique approach not only accelerates vocabulary acquisition but also effectively breaks down language barriers and shyness, all without compromising on grammar. The holistic teaching method, combined with a welcoming class environment, makes learning with Mr. Łukasz an utter delight. I find myself eagerly looking forward to the next session!

Michał Strejczek – Key Account Manager at Schwitzke Górski

My primary expectation from learning with Businessy and Mr. Łukasz was to improve my pronunciation and expand my business vocabulary. I was pleasantly surprised by how engaging, motivating, and developmental our video meetings were, and how quickly I absorbed our lessons. Managing English under such a mentor has truly been a pleasure.

Katarzyna Skoczek – CEO of MindArt