Discover a reality where English becomes a tool, not a barrier!

Businessy FLOW

This comprehensive language management program is designed for individuals increasingly using fluent, business-level English in their work, in both oral and written forms.

It’s a long-term plan crafted to fully harness the client’s potential and available time, striving to achieve specific goals, including:

  • Expansion of vocabulary and language base.
  • Optimization of fluency and speech dynamism.
  • Building ‘know-how’ in industry-specific and business language.
  • Mastery of best practices for written communication.
  • Any additional requirements the client may have.

Businessy TALK

This offering is dedicated to those facing challenges like presenting a project, moderating a discussion, speaking at a conference, or conducting important meetings or key negotiations.

It’s a short, compact, and highly personalized plan that concentrates on specific goals such as:

  • Enhancing fluency of speech and improving expressions.
  • Expanding vocabulary catered to specific needs.
  • Preparation for speeches, presentations, meetings, or negotiations.
  • Joint validation of materials for linguistic accuracy.


When urgent language issues arise, we’re here to help. Our language emergency service provides swift assistance in situations where clients need immediate support to handle current English-related challenges. We help resolve issues “on the spot” and aim to equip clients to independently manage similar situations in the future. This option is available flexibly to all current and former FLOW and TALK clients, as well as part of individual assistance packages unrelated to ongoing cooperation.

In emergency situations, we assist clients with:

  • Linguistically complex provisions of agreements and contracts.
  • Development and validation of presentation content, emails, and communication.
  • Translation and proofreading services.
  • Resolving any linguistic doubts related to daily tasks.


A customized offer for business practitioners seeking a premium service that flexibly adapts to their specific needs and time constraints. The PERSONAL PREMIUM plan is conducted in the form of individual sessions with Businessy’s CEO, Łukasz Sudyka.

Businessy CONNECT

A series of expert webinars focused on specific industries or issues, held several times a year. These webinars present knowledge from industry leaders, followed by an opportunity for our clients to participate in virtual co-working and networking sessions.